I’ve had the good fortune to write for a number of publications and have been featured in a few. Below are links to various articles you might find informative and helpful on your journey to master influence.

Go Solo – Applying the Science of Influence

My “why” is to help clients enjoy more professional success and personal happiness. I do this by showing them how to apply the science of influence in their daily activities. The goal is to make it easier for people to say yes to them. My primary clients are leaders and salespeople in the insurance industry because getting to yes is a critical component of their success. Read more

WorldClassPerformer.com – Short Life Lessons

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? Did you have any particular experiences/stories that shaped your adult life? I lived in a dozen places by my 13th birthday. We eventually settled in Central Ohio and I still call it home. Playing football and getting into weightlifting was formative for me because of the discipline I learned. That was four decades ago and I still workout daily. Read more

Selling Power – What’s the Best Way to Persuade Customers?

According to author and sales trainer Brian Tracy, “Selling is the process of persuading a person that your product or service is of greater value to him or her than the price you’re asking for it.” Read more

Selling Power – Referrals Made Easy

Referrals are the lifeblood of most businesses. After all, if you have a good customer it’s likely they know other people or businesses that are similar. The question is: How do you tactfully get warm introductions? Read more

Sales Mastery – Influencing PEOPLE in Sales

Much of your professional success depends on getting people to say “Yes.” Because the ability to influence is so important, scientists have research exactly what makes someone influential. Read more

Sales Mastery – Using the Principles of Persuasion to Build Relationships

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time you know relationships are extremely important. While relationship cannot overcome a poor product and has limits on how much it will impact price, there’s no denying a strong relationship is better than a weak or non-existent relationship. It can be the difference maker in tight situations. Read more

Sales Mastery – What Makes Saying “Yes” Easy for Our Brains

Here are a few things you need to understand about people. First, everyone has reasons for doing what they do. They may not be your reasons and they may not appear to be good reasons but everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. And you can bet if they don’t have any reasons top of mind they will generate them when asked. Read more

Sales Mastery – How to Motivate Customers to Take Action

So you’ve met with a prospective client and successfully established a relationship. It’s clear they like you so they’ve given you a shot at their business. Of course, liking you and trusting you enough to actually give you their business are two different things. But you’ve done a good job overcoming some of their uncertainty by establishing your credibility and showing how many customers just like than have made the switch. They’re comfortable with you and trust you. However, when you hit the home stretch you sense their hesitancy to pull the trigger and make the switch. Read more

LinkedIn – Persuasive People do these 5 Things. Do You?

Regardless of your role or career stage, persuasion is one of the top skills companies need most from employees in 2020, according to recent LinkedIn Learning data. But being persuasive is not the same as being manipulative. Someone who is manipulative focuses solely on what’s good for them. It’s a one-sided transaction. On the flip side, persuasion means that you carefully consider the other person’s wants, needs, desires, and goals. It’s mutually beneficial. I like to say: “Good for you, good for me, then we’re good to go!” Read more

Sales 3.0 – Mistakes Salespeople Make When Trying Influence Prospects

For decades I’ve helped salespeople incorporate the psychology of persuasion into their sales processes. During those years I’ve seen countless salespeople make the same mistakes. To help you avoid those pitfalls and enjoy more success I’ll share the six most common mistakes salespeople make. More importantly, I’ll give you solutions to the pitfalls. Read more

CPCU Insights – The Influential Underwriter

Many underwriters struggle to gain buy-in from agents on underwriting decisions. There are a couple of notable reasons for this. First, most underwriters are not well-schooled in how to sell their decisions. Second, many don’t want to sell decisions, preferring to rely on the logic of their positions. However, the data from behavioral psychology is clear: People don’t make rational decisions most of the time. This article proposes that underwriters move away from selling and toward persuading, using research-based psychological tips to make this case. Read more