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Transform Your Sales Approach Using Ethical Influence

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an ethical influencer? In a world filled with persuasion approaches, understanding the science of ethical influence can set you apart as a a person of integrity. In this post, we’ll consider a fundamental concept from Robert Cialdini’s New York Times best-seller, Pre-suasion, and show you how […]

The Leadership Lever in Sports and Business

I’m in my happy place! September through December is my favorite time of the year. Not only is the weather beautiful in Central Ohio (at least through the fall), but the holidays are just around the corner and it’s the start of college football season. I didn’t attend The Ohio State University but growing up […]

Influence: A Force for Good or Evil?

Recently, I watched a Netflix documentary on cult leaders. It was a fascinating lesson in psychological approaches used to win over, then control followers. It’s easy to think, “I’d never fall for that,” but that thought could be dangerous because most people who get caught up in cults appear to be very normal people for […]

The Persuasive Power of a Yellow Sticky Note

In the decades that I’ve been teaching influence, it’s abundantly clear that most people find the research on influence and persuasion fascinating. I certainly do and my fascination with the science changed the course of my career. However, something else I’ve noticed is that many people struggle to implement the findings from social psychology and […]

TEDx Talk … Please Read … then Watch

In May I let you know my TEDx Talk was available for viewing. Shortly after posting it to my YouTube site I was contacted by the TED organization. They asked me to remove it because the only social channel that can host TED talks is their site. Naturally, I complied but that meant most of […]

What are Principles of Persuasion?

Over the years I’ve heard many people talk about tips, tricks, and tactics to influence and persuade people. I recoiled at that language because we (Cialdini Method Certified Trainers) teach principles of persuasion. But what exactly are “principles of persuasion”? What is a Principle? Let’s start with principle. One definition for principle is a basic […]

Influence isn’t a Magic Wand

Influence – what exactly is it? Well, let’s start by looking at what influence is not. Influence isn’t a magic wand.  Such a mistaken belief is perhaps the reason why I instinctively cringe at books or seminars with titles or marketing pitches that assure you the power to instantly convince others, achieve a positive response […]

I’m Back!

After a month hiatus, I’m back. That was the longest blogging break I’ve taken in 15 years. It was a busy month of celebrations and travel. Our month started with the celebration of my father-in-law’s 96th birthday on July 1st. Chuck served in WWII, ran a highly successful independent insurance agency, befriended many celebrities during […]

Quarterly Newsletter

Six months down, six months to go. I hope you’re more than halfway to meeting your professional and personal goals for 2023. If that’s not the case, half a year is plenty of time to right the ship. The second quarter was another busy one on my end. My big news was the TED Talk […]

How Do You Know? How Could You?

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you know I’m working on a new book. I am hammering away on a new manuscript that might surprise you. Instead of my typical theme of influence, this one is intensely personal – a deep dive into my relationship with my late father, who passed […]