BlogTalkRadio Interview on the Principles of Influence

Have you ever had the sense you were right where you were supposed to be doing exactly what you were meant to do? Some people refer to it as hitting your stride, being in the flow or self-actualization. Whatever term you use to describe it, that’s where I was last Wednesday at noon and I’m honored that I have the chance to share that wonderful experience with all of you.

Many of you know I was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, the guest of the group Inside Influencers. I’m thankful I was given this opportunity by Paul Hebert, Managing Director of I2I, a validation and incentive planning/consulting company. Paul is also the author of the blog Incentive Intelligence. He’s had a keen interest in the psychology of persuasion ever since we met back in the summer of 2004 when Dr. Robert Cialdini was the guest speaker at State Auto. Through chance, or perhaps fate, Paul and I reconnected when he found me on the Internet because of Influence PEOPLE.
The hour long discussion focused on the application of the Principles of Influence in everyday situations at work and home. We started off by touching on each of the six principles: reciprocity, liking, consensus, authority, consistency and scarcity. In addition we explored when are the best times to use each principle, the difference between influence and manipulation, and then we got into some real world application of the principles. If you’d like to hear the interview click here.

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