Influence PEOPLE – What’s Coming in 2013

As we get ready to start another new year I want to take a moment to thank all of you who subscribe to Influence PEOPLE and those who click in occasionally to read the latest blog posts. I’d like to let you know what you can expect in 2013.
Of course, I’ll continue with weekly blog posts to help you learn how to ethically use influence so you can enjoy more professional success and personal happiness. New articles will come out every Monday at 5:30 PM EST. If you subscribe via email you’ll get notification every Tuesday around 9 AM EST.
The first Monday of each month will be dedicated to the Influencers from Around the World series. Once again you’ll get to hear from Sean Patrick (Ireland), Yago de Marta (Spain), Marco Germani (Italy), Hoh Kim (South Korea) and Anthony McLean (Australia). This is an opportunity for you to learn how persuasion is used in different parts of the world and in different cultures.
If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter look for weekly updates multiple times throughout the week. When new blog posts come out I’ll be sure to let you know Monday evening as well as Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
For those who are newer followers of Influence PEOPLE, every Wednesday at noon there will be Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter updates with links to an older blog post. As NBC used to say, “If you haven’t seen it before then it’s new to you.”

In addition to the blog posts I’ll be doing something new next year. Every Monday at noon EST I’ll post an influence tip on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These short snippets are designed to give you something you can use right away to be more persuasive.

Finally, one of my bigger goals for the year is to get some short, 2-3 minute video clips online to share “in person” ways you can use influence in everyday life.
Again, thanks for taking time to read and follow Influence PEOPLE. Of course, feel free to pass this along to others who you think would benefit from learning more about the ethical application of influence at work or in their personal life.

Happy New Years!

Brian, CMCT® 
Helping You Learn to Hear “Yes”.
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