Linkedin Learning Courses

Below are intro videos to courses I created for LinkedIn Learning. The first two are sales courses. In Persuasive Selling I show how to apply the psychology of influence throughout the eight steps of the sales process. If you want to understand how to influence different buying personalities watch Advanced Persuasive Selling: Persuading Different Personality Types.

If coaching is what interests you, I have a couple of courses you’ll like. In Persuasive Coaching I share ideas for applying the psychology of persuasion in coaching relationships. Building a Coaching Culture: Improving Performance Through Timely Feedback gives easy to implement ideas anyone can use to start impacting their organization through coaching.

Please note; this page contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you sign up for LinkedIn Learning or buy one of my courses.

What Are Learners Saying?

Below are just a few comments from people who’ve taken the courses through LinkedIn Learning.

Advanced Persuasive Selling

  • It is superlative because it is not manipulative but genuine. Hence, it resonates with me and will greatly help me to revise my deck and work more effectively in closing a deal instead of being tangled up mentally with the idea that I am trying to sell.
  • Your DEAL model is superb!
  • Thank you for this wonderful and insightful training.
  • I loved this. Time to put it into action.
  • This is very insightful. Equipped with this knowledge to bring more business to the table.
  • I have taken in-person sales courses and other online courses, this was the most information I received in such a succinct and applicable manner.

Persuasive Coaching

  • Great course. This is my first LinkedIn Learning experience. Thanks.
  • Very good material and insights. Thanks for this, very appreciated.
  • The Accountability guidance in the case study is excellent.

Persuasive Selling

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic. I learned some great tips to work in my sales cycle moving forward!
  • Thank you for the well-constructed and presented course. I took it planning for a future career change and then realized the concepts matter to me even when trying to sell an idea internally in the current organization.
  • Proud to be your student in this course. It really helped me in my role. Many thanks for the knowledge you shared with us.
  • I really enjoyed this course, and seems like I’m getting more confidence in making the sale.
  • A very good course, especially for experienced sales persons, to retrain and maybe as a refresher course. Definitely worth the time learning this course.
  • What an amazing training. It’s impactful as a salesperson!!
  • It’s a gem of a course.
  • The course was very empowering.