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Six months down, six months to go. I hope you’re more than halfway to meeting your professional and personal goals for 2023. If that’s not the case, half a year is plenty of time to right the ship.

The second quarter was another busy one on my end. My big news was the TED Talk I gave in April. It was a bucket list item that’s now checked off. I had the opportunity to share a little about the science behind the pre-suasion process. I opened with the story about how I used pre-suasion to ask my wife to marry me. If you’ve not watched the talk yet, click here. And, make sure you watch to the end for a surprise.

Finally, you won’t see any emails from me in July. Jane and I are heading to Germany for a friend’s wedding then will spend time taking in the awesome views from the Alps. All play and no work!



What’s Influence PEOPLE all about?

  •       Why – Help you achieve more professional success and enjoy more personal happiness.
  •       How – Teach you the science of ethical influence.
  •       What – Speak, write, train, coach, and consult.
  •       Who – Clients include leaders, salespeople, business coaches, insurance professionals, and more.

Here’s What’s New…


In addition to my TED Talk, I was in Denver, Colorado, to keynote the annual conference for Continental Insurance Agency Alliance (CIAA) members. I also spent time in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. If you’ve not made your way to Wyoming, do so because the view of the stars at night is breathtaking!. I made the trip to do a keynote for the Association of Wyoming Insurance Agents.


Work continues on my next book. Originally I was going to call it His Story, My Story, Our Story: The Journey of a Marine and His Son. However, based on feedback from the developmental editor, we’re considering; Always a Marine: Eternal Lessons of Fatherhood, Sacrifice, and Service. The process has been slower than I anticipated so it’s not likely that the book will be out before year-end. But, good things come to those who wait! I believe based on the suggestions and changes, the book will have more impact for Marines, Marine families, as well as fathers and sons.

CLICK HERE for a another sneak preview


I posted a few new podcasts during the quarter. Here are a couple of recent episodes you should check out:

  • Bill Ellis hosts What’s the Point. We discussed why influence and persuasion – done ETHICALLY – are essential elements for longevity of every successful business! That’s because influence is a LONG-TERM strategy whereas manipulation is a SHORT-TERM approach. Click here to watch the show on YouTube or click here to listen to the podcast..
  • Ivan Farber invited me back on Conversations about Conversations to dive deeper into the principles of influence. After a short review of the principles, we looked at how to use different principles with different personality types using my DEAL Model. We also covered tips for becoming Listening STARS. You can join our conversation here.

Best of…

Below are recommendations for you when it comes to reading, listening, and watching. We may have different tastes but I’m confident you’ll get some takeaway ideas from each just as I did.


Not By Might Nor By Power is a three part series on the life of Lonnie Frisbee. After watching the movie, The Jesus Revolution, I became very intrigued with Lonnie because he was at the heart of the Jesus movement of the late 60s and early 70s. Despite that, and my involvement in a church he was instrumental in helping to grow, I’d never heard of him. Lonnie traveled the world sharing the gospel and lived a fascinating life. However, he had a troubled past that continued to haunt him. His life is a picture of the reality that God can use anyone who has an open heart.


Hear Me Out is hosted by Celeste Headlee. It’s billed as “fair debate on issues that matter.” Each week Celeste interacts with a different guest on a variety of topics where they try to convince her of their point of view and she hears them out. Some topics include: Trashy TV Can Be Good For You, Don’t Celebrate The Trump Indictment, Policing Can’t Be Reformed And Needs To Be Abolished, and The Iraq War Was A Necessary Evil. Each show is about 30 minutes and they’re always thought provoking. If you want to stretch your thinking a bit, give this one a try.


The Game Changers is a Netflix documentary I stumbled on back in 2018, shortly after it came out. James Wilks, a UFC fighter, was injured in training so he decided to do some research to see if he could speed up his recovery. He was amazed (and so was I) by what he learned about changing from an animal based diet to a vegetarian diet. My wife had been a vegetarian for 25 years at that time but I had no desire to give up steak, chicken, bacon, and other animal based foods. That all changed after watching this documentary and I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly five years now. Wilks interviewed strength athletes, endurance athletes, Olympians, boxers, NFL football players, and more. The show presented the science behind animal vs. plant based diets and it was compelling. If you want to find out about the show before committing to watching it, click here.

Ted Lasso is an Apple TV series that had its finale in May. The show follows the trials and tribulations of Ted Lasso, an American football coach who goes to England to coach a soccer team. His positive, can do attitude is corny but infectious. The characters and their development are wonderful and so are the life lessons Lasso also imparts to everyone he meets. Heck, I want to play for Ted Lasso, or at least be in his circle of friends. The show also delves into many important life issues, including mental illness. Overall, the show was excellent, good wholesome fun. I wish there were more shows like it. The only negative thing I can say about the show is that it’s only three seasons.

Brian Ahearn

Brian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE. An author, TEDx speaker, international trainer, coach, and consultant, Brian helps clients apply influence in everyday situations to boost results.

As one of only a dozen Cialdini Method Certified Trainers in the world, Brian was personally trained and endorsed by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., the most cited living social psychologist on the science of ethical influence.

Brian’s first book, Influence PEOPLE, was named one of the 100 Best Influence Books of All Time by Book Authority. His follow-up, Persuasive Selling for Relationship Driven Insurance Agents, was an Amazon new release bestseller. His latest book, The Influencer: Secrets to Success and Happiness, is a business parable designed to teach you how to use influence at home and the office.

Brian’s LinkedIn courses on persuasive selling and coaching have been viewed by more than 500,000 people around the world!

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