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According to Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human, a survey of more than 7,000 non-sales professionals revealed, “People are now spending about 40 percent of their time at work engaged in non-sales selling— persuading, influencing, and convincing others in ways that don’t involve anyone making a purchase.” That means if you’re like the typical employee you spend more than three hours a day using your influence skills! If you’re going to spend that much time on one skill, wouldn’t it be wise to learn how to do it to the best of your ability?

Coaching – The rubber meets the road once someone gets back to the office. For training to be effective people must put what they’ve learned into practice. Unfortunately, all too often people go back to doing what they’ve always done because it’s comfortable and they’re unsure how to apply what they’ve learned. Coaching packages are designed to help Principles of Persuasion Workshop® attendees find specific ways to implement persuasion into daily practice.


Keynotes – Is your organization looking for a keynote speaker to show how to ethically Influence PEOPLE? Brian has spoken to a diverse group of businesses across the country, Canada and Mexico. His presentations are lively and entertaining, filled with stories, research and most importantly, application for audience members. Each keynote is tailored to the specific needs of the organization through a series of customization calls.

Training – Brian is one of only 20 people in the world certified to teach the Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion workshop® which is based on his classic book Influence Science and Practice. He’s one of just a handful who can lead the Moment Maker workshop® which is based on Cialdini’s recent New Your Times best-seller Pre-suasion. Click here to learn more about these trainings.

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Consulting – Quite often small changes can make a big difference. Brian can partner with your organization to uncover opportunities to strategically implement the principles of persuasion. Consulting can take place onsite or remotely depending on the needs of your organization.