The Overwhelmed Brain – An Interview

Earlier this month I was the podcast guest on The Overwhelmed Brain: The Journey to a
Stress-Free Life
. The site was recently started by Paul Colaianni. Paul and
I have been connected through social media for several years.
Paul’s fascination with psychology, self-help
and his own personal journey led him to start The Overwhelmed Brain. His goal
is to help people who are feeling overwhelmed because of the pace of life and the
circumstances they face.
Several months ago Paul reached out to ask if I’d
be interested in talking about the psychology of persuasion. Of course I said
yes because it’s one of my favorite things to share with people! I truly
believe understanding how to ethically persuade others is a big key to your
professional success and personal happiness.
Would you like to understand a few concepts that
could help you enjoy that personal success? How about more personal happiness?
Would coping a little better with the overwhelming things in your life be beneficial
for you? If you answered yes to any of those questions then I invite you to
visit Paul’s site and listen to theinterview.
Brian Ahearn, CMCT® 
Chief Influence Officer
Helping You Learn to Hear “Yes”.
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