TEDx Talk

Learn about Pre-suasion: Setting the Stage for Success and Happiness, from this 15-minute talk I gave at TEDx New Albany.

In Person Keynote

Are you looking for a keynote presentation for your next conference or big meeting? How about in-depth training, coaching, or consulting? This is my passion and I want to help you and your organization achieve more professional success and enjoy more personal happiness by applying scientifically proven ways to hear “Yes!”

Virtual Keynote

Are you looking for a virtual keynote presentation? Don’t settle for a face in front of a laptop! Give your audience an experience they won’t forget!

When to make a Concession – An Application of the Principle of Reciprocity

Sometimes the right strategy is to be the first to make a concession. Find out why this application of the principle of reciprocity often gets a concession in return making easier agree on an acceptable course of action.

Influence is all about PEOPLE – Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical

Understanding how to influence people is important because you might be missing Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical.

The Power of “Because” – This one word can make you remarkably persuasive

Using the word “because” can make you a more effective persuader. That’s why your mother or father would respond to your question saying, “Because I said so.” Watch the video to find out why.

The Principle of Authority – It makes it easier for people to say “Yes” to you

Plato said, “The wisest have the most authority.” If people know you’re an expert it will increase your effectiveness as a persuader and make it easier to hear “Yes.” Watch this short video to find out more.

The Principle of Reciprocity – We feel obligated to give to those who first give to us

Reciprocity is a powerful principle of influence because every human society teaches it. Understanding how to engage reciprocity can help you immensely when you need to be persuasive.

The Principle of Authority – Brain Scan Study

Watch this short video to learn about a fascinating brain study that proves physiological changes happen when people encounter experts. If people know you’re an expert it will make it easier for them to say “Yes” to you.

The Principle of Consistency – We feel better about ourselves when we do what we say we’ll do

Tapping into the principle of consistency – what others have said or done – is a great way to hear “Yes” more often because people don’t resist their own values, beliefs and attitudes.