Powerful Influence Training Opportunities

Did you know that persuasion, the art of influencing people, holds the key to a substantial chunk of our national income? Deirdre McCloskey, the brilliant mind behind Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics, revealed that persuasion alone accounts for a staggering 25% of our economic success. And with the internet revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate, some experts now estimate that this figure at a whopping 30%!

This isn’t just interesting trivia; it’s a game-changer for you and your organization. Imagine having the tools to ethically influence people in ways that can transform your fortunes. That’s where the science of influence steps in. Let me take you on a journey through the research-backed strategies and tactics that can make an immediate impact on your life and your organization’s success.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of influence? Click one of the links below to schedule a Zoom call with me and explore the incredible opportunities that await! Let’s unleash your potential and elevate your influence game to new heights just like it’s done for these people:

  • “The things I took away from the POP workshop were instantly helpful. I’ve only been in my office for about four hours today and I’ve already landed a huge new account!”
    – Joe Hillier, Insurance Advisor, America’s Choice Insurance Partners
  • “The content is really great and will give you a very different outlook on sales and persuasion, but the real bright shining star was Brian. Full of knowledge and real life examples. He makes this class amazing.” – Eric Knopp, Agent, Greenway Insurance
  • “Brian’s presentation and knowledge are exceptional. He brought so much passion, information, and positivity to the table. I feel like I’m walking away a better person.”
    – Sandi Kolasa, Client Specialist, The Horton Group



Online Training

This self-paced, online workshop is taught by Dr. Cialdini himself! The workshop teaches you how to incorporate the psychology of influence in everyday situations. During your training you will:

– Be introduced to the principles of influence,

– Learn the Core Motives model for influence approaches,

– Receive 1-on-1 or group coaching,

– Have access to six live follow-up sessions with Dr. Cialdini, and

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Persuasive Selling

This day long workshop teaches you how to incorporate the psychology of influence throughout the sales process. During the training you will:

– Be introduced to the principles of influence along with other psychology that will help you sell more,

– Learn the DEAL model for influencing different personality types,

– Explore the eight steps in the sales process, and

– Find out which principles of influence are most effective at each point in the selling process.

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Principles of Persuasion

This interactive two-day workshop is based on Robert Cialdini’s New York Times bestseller, Influence Science and Practice. During the workshop you’ll:

– Understand the difference between ethical persuasion and manipulation.

– Learn the four-step influence process.

– Get in-depth training on each of the principles of ethical influence.

– See how to apply the principles in personal and professional situations.

– Learn the Core Motives model so you’ll know the right principles to use to build relationships, overcome uncertainty and motivate action.

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Moment Maker

This one day workshop is based on Robert Cialdini’s other New York Times bestseller, Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. Understanding how to pre-suade then persuade is a powerful one-two combination for changing people’s behavior! You will:

– Be introduced to the principles of ethical influence,

– Understand what it means to pre-suade,

– Learn the T.I.M.E. approach to pre-suasion, and

– Leave with an action plan.

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Listening STARS

It’s no secret that the best communicators enjoy the most success. There’s a premium put on speaking and writing but listening is perhaps the most underdeveloped communication skill. That’s so because people have never been trained on how to be better listeners and far too many mistake hearing for listening.

In this half-day workshop you’ll learn the difference between hearing and listening, barriers we all face when trying to listen, and five tips so you can become Listening STARS.

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